Product Information

Established in 1997, Special Occasion Chocolates was created from a passion for making chocolate  gifts.  From that love came our own distinctive chocolate flavor and unique styles to fit any need or budget.

“As a child, instead of making the traditional Christmas cookies during the holidays, my sisters and I always looked forward to making varieties of chocolate dipped candies to give as Christmas gifts. We combined fresh ingredients such as peanut butter, fresh butter, and coconut, and hand-dipped each bon bon in chocolate over a double boiler. What fun we had!

“As I got older, my mother discovered an even better, more exciting way to make chocolates, using molds for shaped pieces, and blending chocolate with quality ingredients for clusters. That’s all it took to get me hooked.  I began making chocolates just for fun or gifts until one day a friend said he looked forward to receiving my peanut clusters at Christmas. The light went on, and Special Occasion Chocolates was born.

“After much experimentation, we invented SOC Signature Chocolate, a chocolate we’re proud to put our name on.  Our gourmet chocolate simply melts in your mouth.  It combines the silkiness of a milk chocolate with the flavor of a dark chocolate – without the “aftertaste.” 

“I hope you enjoy eating our chocolates as much as we enjoy making them for you!”

                      ~~ Susan Dequeant, owner and Chocolatier

Woman-Owned, HUB Certified Business

Member of:

  • Arlington Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador Team
  • Women’s Advisory Steering Committee
  • Girl Scouts ToGetHerThere Committee

Our Mission   “To create high quality, unique specialty chocolates for business and special events, with a primary focus on personal relationships.  Our goal is to design custom chocolates to fit individual needs within time and budget constraints, with excellence foremost.”